We at abrasiveMedia understand that the recent deaths of African Americans at the hands of their fellow citizens are part of a continuum of brutality against black minds, bodies, and souls that predates the founding of this nation. We acknowledge that anti-Black racist ideology was foundational to the formation of our democracy and the institutions that comprise it. Thus, we state, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter. White supremacy is the result of multiple interconnected systems of marginalization. If it is ever to be genuinely dismantled, Black lives, needs, thoughts, creations, opinions, agency, and freedom must be paramount to all people.

Going forward, we will continue to help build community by holding space for, and helping to amplify, voices that seek equity and justice. Simultaneously, we continue to challenge our own points of privilege, in the hopes of fashioning a new world in which we can all freely breathe.

-Jon Royal, Board Chair

Black Lives Matter, by Matice Moore

Meet Matice Moore

A special thanks to Matice Moore (#lovelttrs4liberation) for allowing us to use and incorporate their art in our statement. Support Matice by purchasing from their Etsy shop or by sponsoring them through Patreon.

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abrasiveMedia is continuing our work to dismantle and examine our practices that have roots in white supremacy, recognizing that as an arts institution, there are many racist assumptions baked into our culture which counter our values. All who are working to confront racism and anti-Blackness must remember that many Black people and organizations have been leading this work for years. We ask that you follow and support the Nashville People’s Budget Coalition, the Nashville Black Lives Matter chapter, the Equity Alliance, Gideon’s Army, and the CFMT Fund Give Black, Give Back. We honor the Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training, the Racial Equity in Arts Leadership (REAL) program with the Curb Center and Metro Arts, and Enrich Chicago for the resources they have shared with us as we train in antiracist practices.

-Audra Almond-Harvey, Executive Director

Color is quality

Organizations to know and support

As we continue to educate ourselves and take action, we encourage our aM community to learn more about organizations doing important work. Here are some organizations to get to know and support: