about us

abrasiveMedia is located in the Historic Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood in Nashville, TN. We provide a home for artists, a space for community classes and workshops, and a venue for bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together – all to fulfill our non-profit mission of helping artist grow, connect, produce, and give back to the community.

On any given day you may find our space filled with dancers, painters, writers, aerialists, actors, martial artists, photographers, poets, sculptors, or musicians. You may experience a gallery exhibit, dance performance, circus act, theatrical production, mixer, art classes, concert, fashion show, conferences, or any collaborative mixture of the these. There’s something for everyone at abrasiveMedia, and we hope you’ll join us.

abrasiveMedia was founded in 2004.

From 2004-2010, we hosted multiple art shows and community performances at various locations in Nashville, we held forums to partner artists with social justice-oriented organizations, and we launched a social community called the Starving Artist Venture. The early years were event driven, which helped us realize the need for permanent space, reuseable resources, and support infrastructure for non-established artists. In 2010 we realized that we need to either make abrasiveMedia into a sustainable organization, or close shop. We decided to press on.

From 2010-2012, we began developing our Artist Residency programs. We took on two test-programs, and began offering classes in partnership with the Brick Factory (now Fort Houston). Our resident aerial & contemporary dance company, FALL, performed for over 1500 people at events such as the Nashville Sideshow Fringe Festival, Edgehill Artisan Fair, a variety of private events, and our own showcase. David Landry launched Th3 Anomaly, a graphic-novel based in fine arts in which each panel is a painting.

In 2013, we began hosting our classes in Houston Station in a temporary 1700 sq ft facility. When we moved, our facility became the abrasiveMedia Center for Artists; there we have grown our weekly classes, expanded the artists in residence, hosted workshops and special events, and opened a small gallery space.
In the spring of 2014 we will moved to our current 3000 sq ft facility, also in Houston Station. Here, we have grown our class and residency programs, as well as begun participating in the monthly art crawl. Over 4000 people have passed through our facility since opening… many even stayed awhile. We also launched our Community Outreach department, beginning with the Super Squad and continuing with Project:Awake.
In 2015, the development phase of Th3 Anomaly was completed, a 4.5 year process which resulted in 321 paintings depicting a fictional story based on Nicola Tesla’s inventions. FALL began the process of becoming a stand-alone entity, and we opened the Creative Cafe, offering drop-in studio time for visual and literary artists.
In early 2016 we debuted the world’s first gallery sized graphic novel, Th3 Anomaly. The show ran for an entire month and had nearly 2,000 visitors. We produced and debut our first full scale theatrical production, Dear Apocalypse, which blended aerial fabric, contemporary dance, live music, and poetic narrative to tell a story about the hope we can find when our own personal worlds collapse. Thanks to a grant we were able to make this program available for free to military personal and PTSD survivors at the Nashville Sideshow Fringe Festival. We also expanded our artist residency program, increased our class options, and continuing to host some of the best events in town.