about us

abrasiveMedia Specializes in Collaborations

abrasiveMedia is located in the Historic Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood in Nashville, TN. We provide a home for artists, a space for community classes and workshops, and a venue for bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together - all to fulfill our non-profit mission of helping artist grow, connect, produce, and give back to the community. We specialize in collaborations, and soon we'll be releasing some community tools to help you collaborate successfully and healthily.

On any given day you may find our space filled with dancers, painters, writers, aerialists, actors, martial artists, photographers, poets, sculptors, or musicians. You may experience a gallery exhibit, dance performance, circus act, theatrical production, mixer, art classes, concert, fashion show, conferences, or any collaborative mixture of the these. There's something for everyone at abrasiveMedia, and we hope you'll join us.

abrasiveMedia was founded in 2004

Our goal was to unite artists from multiple disciplines, enable them to share resources and audiences, and host inter-disciplinary art shows at a variety of locations in Nashville. We held forums to partner artists with non-profit organizations, and launched a regular social event called SAV (Starving Artist Venture) to promote networking within Nashville’s segregated artistic community. The early years of abrasiveMedia were event-driven, which helped us realize the need for permanent space, reusable resources, and support infrastructure for developing non-established artists.