our partners

abrasiveMedia strongly believes in building our organization through partnership and inclusion rather than exclusivity. We are grateful to all of our residents, partners, sponsors, and donors for working with us to bring art to our city.

Resident Artists

abrasiveMedia’s resident artists work out of our space both full-time and part-time, and all resident artists have fiscal sponsorship through us. The majority of our residents also receive administrative support and production assistance.

Current Resident Artists
Rebekah Hampton-Barger, FALL
Jusin Harvey, Project Awake
Blue Moves, Blue Moves
Marsha Barsky, Company Rose
Kat Jones

Alumni Resident Artists
Jackie Johnson Tidwell, Local’s Cut
David Landry, Th3 Anomaly


Resident Partners
Our resident partners are organizations who operate autonomously from abrasiveMedia, but work out of our space. Our physical location has been made possible by the amazing generosity of Houston Station.

New Dialect
Aerial Fabricators

Community Partners
Our Community Partners are completely autonomous from abrasiveMedia, but have either worked collaboratively with us or have offered extraordinary support to our activities and/or programs.

Houston Station
Arts & Business Council of Nashville
Nashville Sideshow Fringe Festival
Fort Houston
Curb Scholars Program of Vanderbilt
Playing By Air
Flock South
Poverty & The Arts
12th & Broad
Modular Art Pods
Edgehill Artisan Fair
Nashville Symphony
Geek Media Expo


abrasiveMedia’s activities are funded in part by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission. Additionally, abrasiveMedia has received funding, in-kind donations, or consulting from the following companies/organizations:

Jerry’s Art-o-rama
Dunn Brothers Coffee
Red Bicycle
Flock South
12th & Broad
Corsair Artisan Distillery
The Anchor Fellowship
Skansa Building, Inc
Geek Media Expo
Tennessee Arts Commission
Metro Nashville Arts Commission
The Home Depot
Liberty Party Rental

Additionally, abrasiveMedia has a long-term partnership with Hero Agency, a for-profit design and digital media firm which exists to support the arts.

Thanks to our donors!

Lydia Horton
Rebekah Barger
James Todd
Lori Todd
Lisa Spradley
Lindsay Ogle
Celine Thackston
Dave Isaacs
Kate Abrams
John Mahler
Amanda Roche
Bethany Miller
Tony Youngblood
Steve & Margo Hampton
Andrea Roberts
Sarah Pitts
Heather Grimes
Sandra Lowery
Melissa Yokom Koehn
Andrew Reese
Jennifer White
Patricia Redifer
Paula Richard
Benjamin Van Hoesen
Stephanie Van Hoesen
Elizabeth Gilbreath
Marsha Barsky
Kendra Cotton
Ryan Davis
Banning Bouldin
Patrick Martin
Alex Tapper
Brian Ban
Stacy Odell
Cheryl Harvey
Jen Blumhoefer
Traci McKinney
Julie Burnette
Erin Dineen
Dan Wright
Brandon & Lessie Frohne
Brandon Harris
Brandon Frohne
April Hunt
Michelle & Terry Thomas
Jeremy Price
Stuart Eagon
Andrew Collins
Lea Collins
Dan Wright
Jennifer Hardiman
Linda Themm
Bethany Laing
Ben Burr
Janelle Bonfour-Mikes
Jason Cloud
Joel Barnett
Angie Adams
Tamara Ambar
Herb Bailey
Israel Beachy
Kelley Bell
Barbara Bennett
Laine Cantrell
Kristin Flow
Community Foundation of Middle TN
Stephen Hampton
Cheryl Harvey
Amanda Howard
David Landry
Samuel Lester
Melissa Rowell
Jon Royal
Lisa Spradley
Randy Tatel
Patricia Zeller