Rise by Nina Covington

Closing Reception for Nina Covington’s RISE October 7th

Join us for the closing reception for RISE! We’ve had a great response to the show – check out one such response here.

Closing Reception
October 7, 2017
6-9 pm
abrasiveMedia | Arts & Music at Wedgewood/Houston

Nina Covington’s ‘Rise’ explores the artist’s journey through healing and the triumph of will and indomitable spirit. Using her iconic long exposure photography as the base for evocative mixed media pieces combined with poetry, Covington creates an environment for conversations on the trials of life. Nina will have a book of the collected artwork and poems in the show, also titled Rise, available for purchase. The collection contains nudity.

To view more of Nina’s work, visit her website: http://www.ninacovington.net/

Facebook event for the closing reception is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/175305823034798