June 4th Art Crawl: FOSSILS

Curated and produced by Sarah Saturday (Gardening, Not Architecture) and Dycee Wildman
Date: June 4, 2016 (6-9pm) – Art Crawl

Sarah Saturday is a performer and songwriter also known by the moniker of Gardening, Not Architecture. Celebrated for experimentation since her solo career began in 2007, her new collaboration, FOSSILS, with filmmakers Dycee Wildman, Jonathan Rogers, and Motke Dapp is no exception.

This feature length film collaboration made to accompany her album of the same title screened at her album release party in 2015 at The Crying Wolf to local acclaim and will be taking on a new life for June’s Art Crawl at abrasiveMedia on June 4th. The installation will include the series of paintings by L.A. Bachman (on loan from Rymer Gallery) that were commissioned for the film, as well as footage of the performance by contemporary dance company Numinous Flux that was choreographed to accompany the album. The result will be an immersive sensory experience designed to invite the viewer and listener to enter the world curated by Sarah and Dycee. Contributing artists include: Gardening, Not Architecture (Musician), Dycee Wildman (Filmmaker), Jonathan Rogers (Filmmaker), Motke Dapp (Filmmaker), Rachel Tolbert (Choreographer), Laura Valentine (Numinous Flux Choreographer), L.A. Bachman (Rymer Represented Artist). We invite you to join this unique event at abrasiveMedia.

FOSSILS: A 360 Degree Audio/Visual Experience

Presented By abrasiveMedia – 438 Houston Street, Suite 257, Nashville, TN
June 4, 2016 // 6-9pm (June Art Crawl)
Refreshments will be served.

FOSSILS Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/279968935679264/
A trailer of the film can be viewed here with more information on the project: www.Fossilsfilm.com