July 2018 Recap

Art Crawl
We had a huge turnout for the art crawl, which featured work by Brian Summerville along with the captivating performance art of Rebekah Alexander. Their collaborative work had two showings that captured hundreds of crawl attendees for 45 minutes each run. You can see a video of the performance (filmed without the audience) here (coming soon).

Rebekah Alexander stares at the Bee, a decaying statue installation by Brian Summerville

Project Awake
Project Awake's director, Justin Harvey, traveled to Portland, OR to receive a development grant from the WDS Foundation and shared the vision of our newest production with 1500 attendees at the 2018 WDS conference. Project Awake is in pre-production with more info about auditions and debut shows coming soon. Check out the soon-to-be-revamped website at projectAwake.org.

Justin Harvey presents Project Awake at the WDS 2018 conference in Portland, Or.

Our team traveled to Seattle, WA to meet with the city's main arts funding organization, 4Culture, to discuss the arts funding challenges in Nashville and how to keep a booming city a welcoming place for artists. We also connected with an arts incubation center the houses many different types of artists - which is part of abrasiveMedia's long term goal in Nashville.

4 Culture in Seattle, WA