March Art Crawl

Muse – The Works Inspiring Movement

Saturday, March 4th | 6-9 PM | All Ages | Free Event
abrasiveMedia, 438 Houston St, Ste 257

abrasiveMedia’s March Art Crawl on Saturday, March 4th is a collaboration with their fiscally-sponsored partner, Blue Moves Modern Dance Company. It features the work of three Nashville-based artists, Ben Griffith, Roberta Winjum and Bryant Lamont, whose art inspired or helped shape new dances and a dance film for Blue Moves’ upcoming dance and multi-media production, “Muse”.

Visually, the connecting thread between these diverse works is color; whether it is Griffith’s bright, energetic watercolors, Winjum’s amalgamated batiks, or Lamont’s powerful use of black and primary colors in paintings. Energetically, this exhibit moves the viewer through the playfulness of vibrant human figures that dance on the canvas, to serene, abstracted landscapes, to bold portraits that speak to cultural identity and society’s underlying perceptions of race and socio-economic status.

The evening will include live music by Kyle Baker, who was commissioned to create the score for a short dance film premiering at “Muse”. There will also be live dance performances, and a chance for patrons to record an audio statement about their community. Responses will be looped with others to form the soundtrack for the opening improvisation at “Muse: Inspired by Nashville Artists” Saturday, March 11th at the Looby Theater.

Featured Artists:
Ben Griffith: Spreading joy and love through brightly colored paintings.
@bengriffithartist on Instagram

Roberta Winjum: Using bright crayon colors, Winjum’s batiks show influences of pointillism, impressionism, and abstract expressionism.

Bryant Lamont: I have a MILLION works of ART in my HEART, MIND, SOUL,
creativity is at ALL TIME HIGH. ENJOY………………………………………..