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May 2019 Update: Strategic Planning, Moving, Fundraising

We've got a lot going on!

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How to Help

  1. Help us move (May 18th; event will be on the calendar soon!)
  2. Donate! Every little bit counts. (But we'll certainly take a lot, if you have it!) Want to increase the impact of your gift? Support us through the Big Payback on May 2nd!
  3. Emotional support. We're being serious here—moving while making art and keeping life together is a challenge, and we want our artists to stay healthy. We're looking for compassionate, kind, professional, and discreet people who can help our team members manage stress. Email info at abrasive media dot org if you can help!


  • Moving Day: May 18th
  • Last aerial class in Houston Station: May 18th
  • Our goal date for new class space: June 15
  • Art shows & events will be happening throughout the year at venues to be announced.


Strategic planning

Because magic doesn't happen without a plan. We began our Strategic Planning in February of this year. We had to reroute a bit to accommodate our move. We also realized that there's still some work to be done to clarify our communication procedures so that we're capable of working together efficiently on our implementation plan.

Community Events

Celebrating our time in Houston Station, creating time for you to share your thoughts and concerns, and making time for fun. Follow our calendar to stay informed!

any amount makes an impact

Want to learn more?

For the abrasiveMedia super nerds, we've included more information about the work going on behind the scenes.

Small chess pawn facing off against a line of opposing chess pieces

aM-Goals and Needs-Screen  (Link to PDF): Two pages on our vision for artist-owned space, and our immediate goals and needs.

"We help build & renovate artists—making room for healthy lives and vibrant communities.
How do you build an artist? The same way you help build any kind of human life: give room to grow, to heal, to create, to learn and begin again."

With information on our vision, short term goals, immediate needs, and long term goals.

Still not satisfied?

View our "Behind the Scenes" playlist on YouTube. (You can view the first video right here.)

If that's not enough, you should probably set up a meeting!

At abrasiveMedia, we believe that human lives are the greatest works of art. If you sustain the people who make art, you sustain the arts.
The Big Payback Logo (a 24 hour giving day in Nashville)