The Deacon's Masterpiece, Oil on Canvas, Harry Whitver

Allusion and Analogue: Painting as Exploration

February & March Art Crawl Featuring New Work From Harry Whitver

Opening: February 3rd  |  Closing: March 3rd  |  6-9 pm  |  Free  |  All ages  |  Link to Calendar Event 

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abrasiveMedia is hosting Allusion and Analogue, new work from Harry Whitver in an exhibition that debuts on February 3rd from 6-9 pm at Houston Station during the Arts & Music at Wedgewood / Houston. The show is free and open to the public, and is suitable for all ages.

Whitver’s paintings explore the atmospherics of geography, history, music and literature.  His visual interpretations, sometimes alluding to events or themes, sometimes acting as analogues, reference the familiar and the obscure. What would “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut” feel like? Is that really how Leonard Cohen’s “light gets in”? How far along was creation when God sat down with his lunchbox and Thermos on the third day? Whitver’s technique, using oils and linework on canvas, provides a graphic riff linking imagination, experience and memory.  

More About Harry Whitver

After graduating from Peabody College, Harry Whitver honed his illustration skills as a combat artist in Vietnam. Once his tour was completed, he embarked on a 35-year commercial art career providing technical, airbrush, and expository illustrations and design for companies such as Smithsonian Air & Space magazine, ForbesLife, LA Times, National Geographic, and others.  Whitver continues to experiment with oil on canvas; his painting has moved from primarily representational toward vivid abstraction.  

Harry Whitver’s work can be viewed online at . abrasiveMedia is located at 438 Houston St, Ste 257 in Nashville. Collectors may contact Audra Almond-Harvey at audra@abrasivemedia.orgfor more information on advance purchases and private showings.

For more about Harry Whiver’s previous show at abrasiveMedia, please visit: