All Good Things…

After 6 years in Houston Station, abrasiveMedia is moving! Gordon and Elizabeth Gilbreath of Houston Station have championed us, taught us, and supported us since the day we moved in. But all good things must come to an end. We’ve begun as scheduled on our next round of strategic planning for the organization. “abrasiveMedia 2020: Vivid Vision for our Future” …

Painting of a black woman in a yellow halter dress, presented as a goddess, seated on the Earth which is pictured in space.

Amanda Downs – The Core Essence


  About the Show The CORE ESSENCE is what is revealed after a woman transcends the dark night of the soul. Her core essence is revealed and she becomes more aware of who she is. Astrology and mythology was part of the inspiration for this series. Each planet represents a specific energy or aspect of personality that may be discovered. …

The Deacon's Masterpiece, Oil on Canvas, Harry Whitver

Allusion and Analogue: Painting as Exploration

Opening: February 3rd  |  Closing: March 3rd  |  6-9 pm  |  Free  |  All ages  |  Link to Calendar Event  Learn more about Arts & Music at Wedgewood Houston Share this Post abrasiveMedia is hosting Allusion and Analogue, new work from Harry Whitver in an exhibition that debuts on February 3rd from 6-9 pm at Houston Station during the Arts & Music at Wedgewood / …

Title, How Much A Dollar Cost; Oil on Canvas painting of an older white working class man with a dollar in his pocket

Art Crawl Featuring Omari Booker


Image: How Much A Dollar Cost, Omari Booker, 36×48”, Oil and dollar bill on Canvas, 2017 abrasiveMedia presents a new collection of work from Omari Booker, “I Live Here Too” opening April 7th from 6-9 pm during the Arts & Music at Wedgewood/Houston crawl.   “”I Live Here Too”, is a declaration of belonging. I am visually expressing my desire to …

The Deacon's Masterpiece, Oil on Canvas, Harry Whitver

Art Crawl Featuring Harry Whitver


Allusion and Analogue: Painting as Exploration
February Art Crawl featuring Harry Whitver at abrasiveMedia during the Arts and Music at Wedgewood/Houston on February 4th from 6-9 pm.

Lorne Quarles gallery artist for Nov-Dec

Art Crawl featuring Lorne Quarles with The Mixer & The Grey Area

Justin Harvey

REPEATING PATTERN Join us for the closing reception of “Repeating Pattern” by Lorne Quarles with new paintings, and featuring a live recording of The Mixer: Legal To Brew Since 1967 and “The Grey Area” choreographed by Windship Boyd. Lorne has always found comfort in repeating pattern, be it the rhythmic cadence of cicadas in summer, the duplicated vignettes in toile, …

HAUNTED: Oct 20-22 at Track One

The rich history of Nashville – events which happened in our own backyard – has many untold stories. Why are some tales told, but not others? Who decides what becomes part of the common mythology? What injustices have passed by, unnoticed by most? Inspired by America’s deadliest train crash which occurred in 1918 at Dutchman’s Curve in the Richland Creek …