Title, How Much A Dollar Cost; Oil on Canvas painting of an older white working class man with a dollar in his pocket

Art Crawl Featuring Omari Booker

Image: How Much A Dollar Cost, Omari Booker, 36×48”, Oil and dollar bill on Canvas, 2017

abrasiveMedia presents a new collection of work from Omari Booker, “I Live Here Too” opening April 7th from 6-9 pm during the Arts & Music at Wedgewood/Houston crawl.


“”I Live Here Too”, is a declaration of belonging. I am visually expressing my desire to create a community of inclusion. The homeless, the incarcerated, and all marginalized segments of society are the focal points of this exhibit. I hope to highlight people and issues that are easily forgotten.” – Omari Booker


“I Live Here Too” is the second collection in a series begun with “I Live Here.” To learn more, visit https://www.abrasivemedia.org/event/art-crawl-featuring-omari-booker/. Interested buyers may contact audra@abrasivemedia.org for more information on purchasing.

To learn more about Omari Booker, check out the Nashville Arts magazine article here or visit his website.


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